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Design of Device Drivers for Embedded Systems
2 days course
This course examines the design of Device Drivers for embedded applications. It deals with issues important to engineers who need to structure and write drivers for input, output and network interfacing hardware devices. Rather than focusing on the device driver requirements for a specific real-time operating system (RTOS), this course examines features and design similarities that are shared by device drivers in a variety of environments including those without an RTOS. The course begins with a presentation of the basic structure of device drivers and device I/O supervisors. This is followed by an in-depth discussion of fundamental issues in the design of device driver software or firmware, such as mutual exclusion, and synchronous vs. asynchronous execution. High-level design of device drivers is presented with emphasis on tailoring the structure of the driver to the characteristics of specific hardware devices and the nature of the data they carry. Interrupts, exception handling and DMA are discussed in detail.
This course is intended for real-time software development engineers, software system architects, project managers, and technical consultants who have the responsibility for designing and implementing device driver software for real- time and embedded systems running on custom hardware containing application-specific I/O and network interfaces. While the class will be most useful for engineers who need to design and code device drivers, it will also be very helpful for application software engineers who want to have a better understanding of underlying firmware and how it relates to their application software.
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